06 February 2020 - by Ariel Dickson

CASEL is planning to officially announce its first Call for Submissions for the next worldwide SEL conference. You may remember that I mentioned this conference at the Senior Trainer meeting in Kyiv. In 2020, the conference is planned for October 14-16 in Schaumburg, Illinois (just down the street from LCIF!) We encourage you to submit a presentation to the event if you are interested. In an ideal world, there would be a flood of sessions about Lions Quest! If your presentation is accepted, please let me know.

Here is a link with information about the event: https://selexchange.casel.org/

Here is a link to subscribe to CASEL’s Newsletter in case you are not already on it.

01 September 2019 - by Gabor Papp

Registration for the 2020 LQEM in Kyiv has been opened. Please register as soon as you can. Click here for all the information.

11 June 2019 - by Ariel Dickson

This is an update on some recent scientific research on Lions Quest. Attached you can find the complete documents for your perusal and below is a shorter summary of each. Please read over this and feel free to reference these publications in your communications with Lions, schools, governments and partners. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to reach out to our department.

“Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence Program as a School Intervention to Prevent Substance Use—a Pilot Study Across Three South East European Countries”, published in Prevention Science, May 2019 (https://doi.org/10.1007/s11121-019-01012-6)

  • This article was submitted jointly by UNODC and LCIF and discusses the implementation of Lions QuestSkills for Adolescence in South East Europe. It summarizes the results of the pilot project that showed positive outcomes on preventing current use of alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana and on students’ intention to use the same substances in the next three months.
  • It recognizes that there is limited research on prevention programs in low and middle income countries and aspires to add to that gap.
  • It argues for the promotion of evidence-based interventions as part of plans articulating drug prevention strategy, specifically regarding national policymakers.

“A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence in Two Middle Schools”, final report and executive summary of 2-year study conducted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), January 2019.

  • LQ students reported statistically significant improvement in their perception of school climate, especiallytheir perceptions of physical and emotional safety and their peers’ social and problem-solving skills. In other words, LQ students felt safer in school. Perception of safety is a key indicator for a number of things, including academic achievement and anti-bullying efforts. (In other words: if you feel safer in school, you are more likely to learn math or science or language more effectively.)
  • The LQ school maintained these results into year 2. Many SEL programs see a spike in certain indicators in year 1, because everything is new and exciting and different, only to see a drop-off effect. The fact that they were able to maintain results speak to the program’s staying power.
  • LQ students were significantly more likely to report that they were listened to, cared about, and helped by the teachers and other adults in the school. This implies that LQ’s strategies are effective at positively changing the way adults interact with students, and subsequently the way students perceive their relationships with adults in the school.
  • Staff at the LQ school reported statistically significant improvements in all five domains surveyed, including support offered to students and SEL instruction.
  • LQ classrooms showed significant gains in emotional support, classroom organization, and student engagement.

08 May 2019 - by Andrej Belaj

The latest Lions Quest magazine featured LQ Slovakia.

"A Lions Quest Tale with a Tail!

A US$10,000 grant from LCIF helped Lions Quest make its debut in Slovakia. Interestingly, this happy tale includes an actual tail! Lions in Slovakia used the grant to pilot Lions Quest, with funds used to translate program materials into Slovakian, as the 40 teachers being trained included both Hungarian speakers and those for whom Slovakian is their native tongue."

Read the full article on Page 47 by clicking HERE

26 April 2019 - by Gerard Giraud - LQ France

21 April 2019 - by Nilgün

Dear LQ Europe Team,

As you know Lions is the only NGO that has a special day with United Nations. This day is celebrated in New York UN in March and in Europe in April.

The April meeting was in Geneva on 10th April.

I was invited by IP Gudrun and PID Howard Lee - Lion Coordinator to UN to be on LQ with also suggestion of Matthew.Kiefer.

It was a great experience for me. Since it was just after the Iceland board meeting, all board was there. Participants were from 28 countries.

The theme was "How can we protect our future children's health"

Besides other partnerships with UN - sight, diabetes, vaccination and environment, Lions Quest was the main subject. The history of LQ was reported, a brand new introduction video from Uruguay was shown ( I asked the video to send you), I spoke, after me UNODC - Preventive Programs Coordinator Wadih Maaloof gave a very impressive presentation about their project with LC

LQ was like 40 % of the day's speeches.This proves that LQ is getting more and more important in Lions and you are an important part of this success.with your immense work.

My main approach we cannot protect our children's well being in future but we can teach them to protect themselves with LQ. How LQ can create positive climate for their nurture, how they learn soft skills ; how to make right and responsible choices. (mentioning Mitt Valg)

I focused on the values of LQ above and beyond being an efficiency proved prevention program. How " Social Emotional Learning" is more and more important in the future world- giving the examples of the outcomes of OECD Davos meeting and Microsoft Education Conference:

21st Century skills are 4 Cs:

  • Communication, Cooperation, Critical Thinking and Creativity and these are what LQ gives.

As you may guess I boasted with European LQ how we work as a team, create new the new programs- Future in Diversity, Sport Coaches- besides all LCIF team is doing; and how proud I am to be part of it.

I just want to thank all of you for the wonderful work you all are doing ;wish you all a happy summer holiday and look forward to our meeting in Kiev.